Mobile Application Development

With the tremendous value they can offer organizations, mobile applications are increasing in popularity in every industry. However, the security of these applications is very often still a secondary concern in their development, even though enterprises must be concerned with the protection of sensitive information.

The Importance of Secure Mobile Application Development

Many mobile applications perform functions that can compromise personal information, and this information can easily fall into the wrong hands. The threats are inherent:

  • Sensitive data is inevitably stored on the device (including email and personal contacts).
  • The devices often connect to untrusted networks through the carrier or WiFi.
  • Different platforms have different security characteristics and capabilities.
  • Sensitive information, such as transactional information, can be transmitted through the application.

Most developers are new to creating mobile applications, and they are especially not trained to develop secure mobile applications. Denim Group's team of developers are trained to consider and address security threats before, during and after the development of all software – including mobile and smartphone applications.

There's More to Mobile Security than Protecting the Device

Most of the media focus surrounding mobile security centers on device and platform security. These, however, exclude application level threats such as attacks against user data on the device and corporate data exposed by the application.

The following graphic provides a general threat model for mobile applications and depicts the various threats to personal information that exist through mobile devices and mobile applications.

Security Threats are Denim Group's Priority

Denim Group's mobile development projects begin and end with a concern for the privacy of sensitive information. Whether it is on an iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7 platform, Denim Group's mobile application development services include threat modeling to identify possible security vulnerabilities.

Mobile application design concerns include:

  • Bypassing platform environment restrictions
  • Application permission model
  • Local storage and encryption
  • Network communication and encryption
  • Native code execution
  • Mobile browser behavior

If you are looking for mobile application development with an emphasis on privacy or security, Denim Group's team can provide a solution for your needs.

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