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Does your software application have unique security and privacy requirements? Do you work in a regulated industry and want to have confidence that your applications perform as expected and nothing else? Are you lacking the internal capability to build secure applications from the ground up or to build in security after an auditor has identified security flaws in your software?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, Denim Group's team of experienced developers offers a solution to your software challenges.

What makes Denim Group's development more secure?

Denim Group addresses your security and privacy requirements by building software to withstand the probes and attacks likely to be encountered when the software is in production on the Internet. This more "rugged" software helps clients reduce downtime and disruption because the software is built to withstand a variety of attacks.

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Built by Trained Secure Developers: All of our developers have been training in a culture that produces resilient software for our clients. Our staff goes through a series of online and group training exercises when onboarded to better understand the foundations of building secure code.

Secure Design & SDLC: We design software that, from the ground up, takes privacy and security requirements as baseline design factors. We also conduct threat modeling on our applications before we build a line of code in order to avoid the most egregious security vulnerabilities. Finally, we build "abuse cases" to understand better how attackers might view the software.

Security is a part of every stage in the development process:

  • Before: Denim Group developers consider threat modeling and abuse-case scenarios during the envisioning process.
  • During: During the development process, Denim Group developers conduct source code reviews.
  • After: Denim Group makes secure deployment recommendations upon project completion.

How can Denim Group work with your team?

New development or ground-up application development
For the CIO, Head of Development, Development Manager or LoB Manager who is concerned with ground-up development and needs someone who understands it and can provide additional assurance through security discussions. Read more >>

Remediation & Risk Management
For the CIO, CSO or application security group concerned with remediating vulnerabilities in existing software. Read more >>

Mobile Application Development
The explosion of connected mobile computing has opened up tremendous new opportunities for enterprises to create innovative applications on mobile devices. Denim Group has experience building and securing applications for major mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. In addition, Denim Group's extensive experience in secure application development lends itself to mobile applications handling sensitive data such as those in the financial services and healthcare fields. Read more >>

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